• Get reusables

    Shop online for groceries OR choose reusable for takeout or leftovers at restaurants and coffee shops around town.

    All groceries are delivered on Tuesday.

  • Return reusables and get FREE groceries

    The best way to return reusables is with an exchage. Each time we deliver a new order we pick up any empties that you have.

    If your out and about you can find a Drop Bin!

    OR if you are busy and just want to get our packaging back us you can request a pickup and we are happy to swing by!

  • We do the dirty work

    Once packaging is returned we wash, sanitize, and get it back into the system so you and your community can keep using and reduce waste.

reusable meal packaging and delivery

Avant Membership

Our membership is designed for people that want to get the most out of our reuse system. Members have access to reusable packaging at our partnering restaurants and coffee shops, FREE delivery and pickups.

For $19.99/month a membership will pays off quickly!