Avant is Jackson Wyoming’s Reusable Packaging Network

Avant is Jackson Wyoming’s Reusable Packaging Network

Like most good ideas, Avant started as a dream. Our founder, Sam Schwartz grew up in Jackson, Wyoming adventuring in the mountains. An avid skier, he noticed the climate in the mountain west, winters specifically, had begun changing. They were becoming shorter, warmer, and less snowy. He knew he wanted to be a part of the solution. He aimed to start a business that would make a tangible impact to reduce climate change and shift how we view waste in our communities. Enter Avant. Avant provides a network of reusable containers in Jackson Wyoming that encourages reuse over recycling reducing solid waste in our community.

Avant believes that humans work better when we operate within a framework or established system. Avant means ‘before’ in French. The name Avant was chosen because our team sets up a system that makes sustainability the easiest option before our goods or services are delivered. Individuals and businesses shouldn’t bear the burden of making sustainability work. We incentivize businesses to eliminate disposable goods that would be brought into our community before they order. We make it easy for individuals to reject disposable containers before they arrive at a restaurant or coffee shop. Avant encourages businesses and customers to choose sustainability by creating and implementing a system that gives them back time. At Avant we are proud to implement community wide solutions that saves time and puts sustainability first. 

Avant is a reuse first economy that makes sustainability the easiest option. We offer three services in Jackson that make our customers' lives easier while keeping sustainability in focus. 

  1. Restaurant Partnerships: Avant connects a like minded network of businesses and restaurants in the community that use Avant packaging for takeout, leftovers, and hot drinks. We provide reusable containers to our partner restaurants & coffee shops, our members bring take out home and put their used containers in the Avant Reusables Bin on their porch. Our team replaces your bin weekly & does the dishes. See a list of our current partners here.
  1. Prepared Meals: Avant prepares meals weekly that are delivered to your house in our reusable containers for you to enjoy during your busy week. These meals are functional, healthy, and highlight local produce. Our menu changes monthly so there’s always something new to try.
  1. Sustainable Staples: Avant’s sustainable staples are carefully selected household items such as paper goods, soaps, and a number of basic pantry food products are all available on our online marketplace; anything you always want to have in your home. Products are delivered in Avant packaging to your home on a subscription or one time basis. They are locally sourced when possible.  

As we deliver convenience to busy people we aim to get members used to reusable packaging. We hope you join us on our journey.  Click here to become a member today. 

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