Letter to our customers

Letter to our customers

As many of you know, we have a huge goal. ELIMINATE SINGLE USE PACKAGING. It’s a lofty task, but a necessary one. Being headquartered in Jackson, WY and in our earliest stages as a company we truly believe that everything we do here matters.

Jackson is a world class destination that attracts over 3 million visitors annually. Our sustainability initiatives as a town are an example set for millions of tourists that look up to the Jackson Hole lifestyle.

With this in mind we have made the decision to go back to a membership only model to better serve the households in the Jackson community. We believe that it’s going to take a full buy in commitment from our customer base to create lasting environmental changes.

Avant will now only be selling high quality grocery staples from local and national producers in reusable packaging with a once weekly, Tuesday delivery. Members can get reusable take out containers and coffee cups from our growing list of participating local businesses.

If your household would like to participate, but does not have the financial means to pay the membership fee, please contact us by emailing sam@avantdelivery.co.
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