Grocery Staples

Grocery Staples

Avant is excited to announce a new line of products to make your life easier. Enter ‘Grocery Staples’. This online marketplace focuses on household staples that are carefully sourced by our team with quality in mind. We aim to select the best products we can find in each category so you can save time and brain power and skip making choices in an over saturated market. Companies that value sustainability are prioritized. Grocery Staples are delivered in Avant reusable packaging to your home on a subscription or one time basis. 

We wanted to offer these items so you don’t ever have to think about them again & can skip whole aisles at the grocery store. From paper goods to pantry items, we’ve got you covered. Our subscription service means these grocery staples will simply show up when you need them. 

We also offer goods from local businesses in reusable packaging. This allows you to support local and still have a choice of the packaging you support. We have partnered with like minded businesses who practice sustainability in a variety of ways and believe in our mission to reduce waste in the Jackson community. We currently offer coffee from Snake River Roasting and dog food from Wolf and Bear. We have partnered with Vertical Harvest and offer a variety of greens grown here in downtown Jackson. These products are available for one time purchases or on a subscription basis. Keep your eye out for new partnerships. 

We buy in bulk so you don’t have to. By buying products directly from suppliers we eliminate the need for excess disposable packaging. We also allow you to only keep what you need at your house but always knowing more of something is a click away. Check us out today

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