About Us

"Avant" means before in French. Our goal, before delivery right into your hands, is to think through the entire lifecycle of your packaging. From the beginning we understood that trying to change consumer behavior is the wrong battle. Instead we built the company around a different philosophy. Make reusable an everyday option for regular people that live busy lives.

  • Inspiration

    Avant draws daily inspiration from the natural world that completely surrounds Jackson Hole, WY. We believe that it is our responsibility to conserve the places that make our world wonderful. True to the Wyoming way, we deeply value the saying "What's more cowboy than reusing your shit?"

  • Team

    Our team comes from a background of high risk career profiles. Military veterans, professional skiers, and explorers. All of the founders were raised among the jagged Teton range. The team learned how to create plans on their own and execute in life or death environments. Avant is a direct representation of the founders background.

  • Community

    Jackson Hole, WY is world famous for many reasons, but business isn't one of them. However in a town of only 10,000 year round residents, there is more human capital (smart people) per capita than anywhere else in the world. Avant draws from the talent and resources of one of the worlds most eccentric communities.