Frequently asked questions

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How do I return packaging?

There are three ways to return Avant Packaging

1) We pickup packages when we make deliveries. Place an order for groceries or meals and we will pickup your used packaging when we deliver your new order!

2) Find a bin around town and drop your packaging. Make sure you submit your return with the QR code on the drop bin to get Avant Points that can be redeemed on our online store for groceries and meals.

2) Request a pickup. We will schedule a pickup to the provided address the following Tuesday!

Do I have to return packaging?

Yes please! We know they are nice, and its tempting to keep them but we ask that you return them so our reusable system can keep circulating.

What are Avant Points?

For each cup or container returned we will give you an Avant Point. Points can be used to redeem free groceries and meals!

We will add points to your account based on the amount of containers you claim to return.

Look for the 'Avant Points' icon in the bottom left of the website. Once you get 10 or more points you can start redeeming gifts!